Friday, May 22, 2009

No Sleep For The Travelled

My apologies for my many-hour absence but I have been traveling and battling with the ensuing after effects. It is 6.28 am here, in Chicago, on a bright and rather sunny Friday morning; this would be a perfectly normal time to rise and shine had I slept through the night. But I have not, so here I am 10 hours later (my waking hour was 8.30 pm the previous night) feeling rather hungover and faintly irritated that sleep has predictably eluded me. I have no exciting photographs to post of my current condition but I promise to post some more art.

I mentioned imitation and interpretation in an earlier post and coincidentally I found the perfect piece of art to illustrate what I meant, but did such a bad job explaining. Wilson Shieh does a delightful job in paying homage to a group of artists who comfortably fit into my artists' shrine. One has to love the detail, his choice of subject and of course, once again we discover a clever artist who gives a clever name to his clever painting.


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Suhita said...

who is "w"? I'm curious. Nice, I looked him up, some superb fusion of old and new techniques