Saturday, May 16, 2009

Imitation or Interpretation?

Why do I have 3 versions of Yoshitomo Nara's 'Daydreamer' posted up on my first entry? Well, for one, his work inspires me and this is my way of paying him homage. Two, I like to narcissisticly imagine that I am the 'Daydreamer'; these are therefore my 'own' self-portraits. Three, it helps me introduce one of the reasons for writing this blog - I merely interpret and imitate the things I see, not from a lack of inspiration around me, but from a glut of it.


I've spent the last two days trawling both auction previews and the 2009 Hong Kong Art Fair. Both of which have left me highly optimistic about the economy and highly frustrated over my lack of funds right now to pick up the best deals out there. Now is the perfect time to be not only picking up stocks/equities - well, sorry, March '09 was probably the best time for that - but also your favourite art pieces. The bubble burst with a resounding pop last November and prices have plummeted. If you have any extra $$$$ lying around and want to be delighted by a purchase day in and night out - buying art would be the thing for you. Now if I had the extra $$$$'s here's what I would choose...


I like this series for the simple reason that it is smart and funny. We can each interpret it in a different way - but at the end it makes us all smile or at least think. The name makes you smile, the idea that the 'heads' refer to taxidermy - gory, ghastly and yes, an art - and still manages to remain lighthearted and caricature-like is brilliant and again, makes you smile. I like Art that makes me smile and think.

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