Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sparkly & Sewn

In the midst of my 'sabbatical' - trading online, spending time with my family all over Asia, studying Asian Contemporary Art and obsessively taking photographs, I decided to piece together my first jewellery and accessory collection. It is small, ridiculously colourful and kitschy, a combination of old and new and sparkly and sewn. I only made pieces that I would love to wear and if I didn't make them, I sourced them directly from the artisans who did.

I deliberately wanted the collection to be garish - begging to be touched - like brightly coloured decorations or sugared candy. I used a combination of silk, jade, hand beaten metal beads, semi precious stones and many many lengths of thread. Robin Richman, one of my favourite Chicago people currently carries the best of my collection at her store also named Robin Richman.

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